Coronavirus #stayathome renovations at The Voights House

We keep our historical 128-year-old Victorian home immaculate for our guests and what better time to upgrade a few things to make it even, cozier, and welcoming for new guests than during our Coronavirus #stayathome order.

We are excited and ready to open our doors again on the 25th of May 2020 and we welcome you to make your reservation at

In the meantime, it's spring cleaning, renovating, and finishing projects around the house that keeps us busy during this time. Watch the video here -

l have also been working on Itiye teas, creating my catalog, business cards, samples, and advertising like a madwoman. What a crazy time to start a new business! Who would have thought that this year a virus would come along and put literally everything and everybody on hold for four months?

But, as always...I see this as a positive challenge. If I can get through this within the first two months of opening shop, I can get through anything. And I will. Even though my capital for buying new stock, printing labels and advertising is very limited at the moment, there are always little things you can do in your business to keep you moving forward.

I will create another blog post soon to inspire small business owners to get creative in ensuring their business survives this crisis. As with The Voights House, Itiye teas will keep on going and will emerge better than before because of all the love I am pouring into it right now.

Matt and I truly hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well and that we will see you all soon again. Leave a comment below and let us know how you are doing throughout this ordeal.

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