Happy Easter!

Hi everyone

For the month of April with Easter around the corner and everyone still being at home with stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus, I thought that the tea of the month should be a very delicious and soothing cotton candy and chocolate rooibos tea. Something to soothe the soul and wake up your senses.

With the sweetness and flavors of rooibos tea, coconut chips, broken cocoa bits, sweet blackberry leaves, coriander, and tiny marshmallows this tea will soothe your soul and the aroma will take you back to your favorite Easter childhood memories of enjoying chocolate Easter eggs filled with marshmallows and other delights.

Enjoy this delicious tea hot, iced, with or without milk. I love to fill my cup of cotton candy and chocolate rooibos with a gallop of heavy whipped cream to give it an even smoother taste.

You can watch the video here -


I was going to pair this month’s tea with Keto hot cross buns and share the recipe with you. But as you can see my hot cross buns did not rise at all and so I need to work on my recipe a little more before sharing it with the world. If you have had any success with baking Keto hot cross buns or have any tips for me, please do share in the comments below.

You can get your cotton candy chocolate rooibos tea very soon at www.thevoightshouse.com/itiye-teas But because of the coronavirus, my stock will only arrive later this year.

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Keep staying at home and help fight the spread of this virus. You are doing great and remember… you are at the right place at the right time and everything is as it should be.


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